Bring 10 heads from Pakistan if martyr Hemraj’s head not returned: Sushma Swaraj

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj is of the view that if Pakistan does not return the head of martyred soldier Hemraj,  India should get at least ten heads from the other side. She asked Manmohan government to take tough action against Pakistan.

“If his (Hemraj’s) head could not be brought back (from Pakistan), we should get at least 10 heads from there side,” Swaraj said.

“The question is: will we sit without any reaction and engage in a dialogue? This should not happen. At least the government should react in some way. That is why we have said that government should take some tough measures,” she said.

It is worthwhile mentioning that Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh and Hemraj were killed on January 8 by the Pakistan Army regulars after infiltrating into Indian territory in Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Today, the nation is demanding don’t prove a weak government. They (Pak Army) came on the LoC, killed our soldier and took away his head with them and there should be no reaction… this should not be tolerated at any cost,” she said.

On an expected note, Sushma alleged the government showed lack of respect to the martyr and demanded an apology.

“The government should apologise for the apathy. They should apologise to the family of the soldier and the country. But they should at the same time take revenge for the incident which took place,” she said.

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