Dangers of dieting

Dieting can pose dangers on the basis of your body type, age and of course overall health.

Point to be noted here is that altered mood or sore muscles are some of the temporary risks that are easily vanished after you stop dieting, but heart health, erratic metabolism, and a weakened immune system comes under the category of permanent health risks.

Modifying your lifestyle to a healthy one is always the way to go and should be considered when opting for crash diets and weighing the risks linked with them.

Cardiologists has found heart issues associated with diets that limit intake to less than 1,200 calories a day. When diets motivate low calorie consumption and food restrictions, you will find that the the heart does not get right sort of potassium and other minerals it requires to function in a proper manner.

For optimal cardiac health, it is quite important that you should not minimize the amount of nutrients you ingest. Temporary diets could lead to permanent heart damage and increased heart risk.

Over a period of time, if you involved in yo-yo dieting or crash diets, the lack of food is going to slow down your metabolism, making it tougher to lose weight. Initially, you may lose a significant amount of weight, but the more diets you opt for, the more complicated they will have to be to yield the identical results. Crash diets do not work. As soon as dieter finishes the diet, you will regain the weight you have lost earlier.

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