15 year old Saudi Girl barricades herself in her first night after being married to 90-year-old

You may find it a bit funny but it is true that a 90-year-old Saudi Arabian man is all set to sue the family of his 15-year-old child-bride after she closed herself in her bedroom on their wedding night.

The terrified teen locked the door so that her new husband could not make an entry into the room as a married couple. Two days later she fled back to her parents’ home.

Now her elderly husband wants his money back as he has said in media that he paid the parents £10,767 ($17,500) for the teenager so they could wed.

The 90-year-old went on to say that he paid the dowry to the young girl’s Saudi mother and Yemeni father, making the marriage legal.

On an expected note, the 15-year-old’s arranged marriage sparked quite a bit of outrage and widespread condemnation in Saudi Arabia where activists used Twitter terming it as child trafficking and prostitution.

A Mouhammad Khaled Alnuzha said in Twitter: ‘Is this a case of human trafficking crimes punishable by law?’

Another Tweeted: ‘She is still considered as a product! A father sells his daughter without mercy, to be bought by money and status and power; all of it for the sake of fulfilling a desire.’

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