Beyond pink polish

Visit any nail salon and chances are that you will see enough shades of red and pink polish to cover the rosy spectrum.

Point to be noted here is that these hues are nice, reliable, and of course safe. Have the courage to explore beyond your usual nail polish colors to freshen up your toes and fingers. From soft baby blue to vivid neon yellow, there really is a rainbow of polish at your disposal.

When it comes to getting perfectly-painted nails in a light or pastel polish, it is of utmost importance that your nails are thoroughly cleaned and any old polish or dirt is removed.

Keep in mind that lighter shades show cracks and discoloration easily, so make sure that you begin by giving yourself the best canvas possible.

Once nails are well shaped and cleaned, you need to apply a clear base coat and let dry. Then paint on two coats of your light polish.

In case if the polish appears too translucent or streaked, you may require a third coat.

If you like the look of soft polish colors like light pink, then try a white polish on for size.

The best part about White is that it goes with everything, so you do not need to worry about your polish clashing with your outfit or jewelry.


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