Botox is a Dumb Decision: Here is how

In the last three or four years, Botox has emerged as a tremendous method for fast and straightforward treatment to deep lines that are prevalent in your face. As is the case with any medical routine, there are drawbacks associated with it.

What exactly it is?

Although Botox is in the fray for so long, it has been approved by Food and Drug Administration in 2002. Simply put, it is basically a trade name associated with botulinum toxin A.

Talking about botulism, it is a food poisoning form that occurs when you eat a food that includes neurotoxin. It causes lots of symptoms, worse one being paralysis.

One of the most important things about botulinum toxins is that it blocks the nerve signals, which plays a significant part in the contraction of your muscles.

You may ask at this juncture: Why would anyone be interested in injecting such a harmful substance? The answer of this question lies in the fact that if your muscle is paralyzed, there is going to be no movement of it and therefore you do not need to worry about wrinkles.

Therefore, Botox makes it mark by freezing the muscles that lead to wrinkles. It is also used in the treatment of complicated frown lines. If your age is in the bracket of sixty five years, you can get this treatment.

Is it safe?

Lots of clinical research have been conducted to evaluate the safety aspect of Botox. Some of the common side effects associated with this treatment include droopy eyelids, muscle weakness, heartburn, facial pain, tooth related issues, nausea and hypertension.

Botox: Bad idea

Keeping aside the above mentioned side effects, there are other factors as well, which proves that going for Botox is a bad idea.
Cost: First and foremost, Botox is quite costly in nature. Because of the fact that it comes under a cosmetic routine, majority of health plans do not cover it. In other words, you need to borne the entire cost.

It wears off: You are not going to get a permanent solution with this routine. According to one estimate, it only lasts for a period of five to six months.

If you are happy with the kind of results you are getting through Botox, you need to continue taking injections every three to four months.

Less effective if you are old: If you are more than fifty years old, there is a strong possibility that you may not get the desired result. Even worse, there is also a chance of some serious side effects creeping in.

Negative impact on expression: Use of too much Botox can have a negative impact on your overall expression. So before you get involved in this treatment routine, you need to be clear regarding the usage of injection.


There is no doubt about the popularity of Botox but when one takes into consideration the kind of risks associated with it, is it worth taking risk? You need to decide this on your own, after all it is the matter of your health.

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