Exceptional business casual looks for men

A business casual day at your workplace is not an invitation to let loose. As a matter of fat, it’s a chance to highlight your casual style sense while maintaining a professional look.

It is of utmost importance that you don’t let your fashion sense drift off when sporting business casual wear. You need to keep in mind that the need to impress is also a top priority here.

What you need to do is to ensure your business casual wear is trendy and in the meantime professional with good colors, fabrics and sensible fashion tailor made for both office and play.

Quite a number of times, business casual equals khaki. Resist the urge to join the bandwagon, as Khakis often look sloppy and rumpled. Instead, opt for tan trousers in a nice suit-pant fabric, it will give you a more classier look. You also have an option of adding a solid color dress shirt to top off the casual style.

Although you may feel at ease in a golf shirt, unless your body is toned, it is not going to give you the most flattering look. In most of the cases, they make the shoulders look droopy. In this scenario, wear a dress shirt instead. It will make your shoulders look broad and squared. There is lot more class attached with the fitted shirts.

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