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India is growing every day, every Indians who are studying in some colleges, studying IT, engineering or other courses, all of them dream with eyes wide open. This dream always helps people to reach to the target of professional goals. Though the unprecedented scenario of the current economic meltdown, where lay-offs are being tallied in millions, businesses are cutting costs drastically and employees are un grudgingly taking salary cuts, but now jobs in India has found a new hike and job seekers’ career move and the accompanying promotion and salary hike seems like not an exceptional case.

One can peruse his goal relentlessly, armed with the requisite credentials and skill sets. Businesses are still hiring, but now they are only looking for skilled and competent people and this is a hard reality. This has happened because companies have become more realistic in hiring in comparison to the earlier exuberant plans and jobs in India are mainly available for the people who are truly deserving and talented.

“IT sector will see steady growth of 20% in the near future,” says Goel. A recent forecast of Pharmexcil, the apex body of pharma exporters, says that the pharmaceutical industry is also expected to grow at 20%.

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