It’s Not about raining remedies that is the Best way to keep skin care

asks a few experts about the best way to keep the skin clean.

Asks a few experts about the best way to keep the skin clean.

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From the scorching heat to the clammy monsoon rain, the climate swings are never fair to the skin. Hours spent in the beauty salon preparing to fight the sweltering heat may not help you when the rains fall. The pestering fungal infections on the hair and scalp, constant limpness of face, itching and blotching of skin, cracking of feet and hands are the most prevalent beauty issues during the rainy season. The brides who are all set to have a spellbinding monsoon wedding can rest their worries by following these beauty routines. Beauty experts from around the state are giving their tips to deal with the damp.

Water consumption is one thing, nutritionists and the beauticians equally vouch for. If it is 8-10 glasses of water that has been advised to consume during summer, it has to be the same amount during the monsoon. Do not wait for the thirst to break in to gulp down those glasses of warm water instead, drink as much whether you are thirsty or not. The skin issues will vanish with this simple measure says beauticians Anila Joseph and Usha Koshy.

“When it is raining people tend to ignore drinking water and that is the biggest faux pas. One should drink boiled water religiously. Adding a little bit of honey to the lukewarm water is also good for the skin. For diet always go for salads and vegetables rather than fatty foods,” says Anila Joseph, Anila Joseph beauty parlour.

Anila also swears by the face packs made with egg-whites. Her remedies for beauty issues are easily available at home. Using a concoction made with oats, honey and curd as a face pack every other day will make your skin shine without any blemishes says Anila. For Anila it makes the best face pack of the season.

“Papaya is another magic fruit which helps in vanishing skin problems. And Papaya is easily available in the backyard,” says Anila.

Hair care is the biggest worry of the season. Hair expert Viji says washing your hair once everyday will solve half the hair issues. “Though hair does not need any special attention during rainy season, it is the time when the fungal infections like dandruff spring in. So you have to take precautions to avoid it. Try to keep the hair clean and dry to avoid these issues. But do not use warm water to clean your hair it will ruin the texture of your hair,” says Viji, Fair International Hair studio.

More than hair or skin it is the feet that endure the most health troubles during the soggy season says Usha Koshy, Eve’s beauty parlour. “The infections and itching on feet are quite common; however, if you give the right care those discomforts can be easily cured. Dip your feet in warm soapy water with a spoon of dettol. Then wash them thoroughly with foot scrapers. Make sure you moisturize the feet with some night cream or moisturizers suitable for your skin type,” says Usha.

Whichever be the season, always eat food that has more antioxidants; vitamins A, C and E are the best solutions for all skin-related issues, says Gayathri Ashokan, Nutrition Consultant, Nutrisolutions. “A complete balanced diet that includes citrus, leafy vegetables, milk products, nuts, proteins and minerals is what I would suggest for Keralites to adapt. When it is monsoon, the hunger persists, so people tend to eat more fatty foods rather than healthy foods. Our body does not need much fat instead a gooseberry or a lime juice will make much difference to our skin and body. Fish, flax seeds and antioxidants are all good for skin,” says Gayathri.

“Chemically treated hair needs special attention so those who have straightened, permed or coloured their hair should do a hair spa treatment once every 2-weeks. Henna treatment is not advisable during monsoon season as there is a possibility of fever or cold,” says Anila. “Cracked feet can be easily cured with a bit of neem and henna. Do a pedicure and manicure once in a week at home with easily available materials,” says Anila.


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