New Year’s Eve Survival Kit

When it comes to selecting what to wear and where to be when the clock strikes twelve, New Year’s Eve can give you quite a bit of headache before the champagne even pops.

Planning your evening can be a tough exercise, but the actual event shouldn’t be.

Selecting the perfect purse is just as crucial as deciding what to put in it. After all, you would not be interested in carrying a huge purse on New Year’s, so pick a clutch that is not only fashionable but also functional.

It should be soft and roomy with zippers and pockets for organization.

Nothing causes a loss of party confidence like a beauty mishap or an unexpected fashion, so be ready for it.  First and foremost, nix body and breath odor before they even strike.

It is always a good idea to invest in some niche travel-sized hygiene products such as deodorant towelettes and powder oral rinse.

Finally, on a night when there is going to be a free flow of alcohol, you will need a stain-removing pen. Wet wipes can play a significant part in getting rid of stains and cleaning of a pair of messy heels.


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