Review of Nokia Lumia 920

The wait has finally ended.

Nokia has launched Lumia 920 in India. Banking quite a bit on this handset, company believes the device will help the company in coming back in the smartphone sector and match competitors like Apple and Samsung.

Nokia fans — and there are lots of them in the country — are hoping that at last they will have a device that can compare favourably to the likes of Galaxy S III and iPhone.

So, the question is does Lumia 920 meet the expectations?

Simply put, the answer is No but yes Hardware is good.  The software lets the phone down.

The 4.5-inch screen on Lumia 920 is tremendous. Furthermore, it has excellent touch sensitivity and shows punchy colours. With a resolution in the range of 1280 x 768 pixels, the Lumia 920 screen is broader when you compare it with the screens of 720 resolution, making it ideal for consuming multimedia content and web browsing.

The camera of Lumia 920 has a optical image stabilization. It shoots pictures that have plenty of details and right kind of colours. Because of optical image stabilization, it is possible to shoot excellent quality FullHD videos with Lumia 920.

This phone comes with Nokia Drive and Nokia Music. Both are mindblowing services. Drive has comprehensive maps and is mostly accurate in showing directions. On the other hand, Nokia’s Music app, which has access to millions of songs, gives you an opportunity to stream (or download) songs for free for a period of one year.

But there are some misses

The biggest issue with Lumia 920 is Windows Phone operating system. There is no doubt about the fact that Microsoft has improved in recent times but is just not good enough. Multitasking, for instance, remains a factor. Keeping aside few apps such as music player, the others are stopped as soon as they are in the background.

Windows Phone continues to struggle behind Android and iOS with regard to apps. Good and strong apps are tough to find in Windows Phone store and that restricts the usability of Lumia 920.

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