Three of the best children’s Christmas gift ideas: Breaking stereotypes

Interested in a toy race car for your boy? A new barbie doll for the girl?

This Christmas, your focus should be on breaking stereotypes.

Below are three of the best children’s Christmas gift ideas for the gender-neutral giver in you:

1) Easy-Bake Oven: Reacting to a 13-year-old girl’s complaint that her little brother loves cooking but is not interested in playing with a “girl’s” toy, manufacturer Hasbro has announced in media that it will substitute its conventional pink and purple oven design with a more boy-friendly silver and black model.

2) Redecorate LEGO: Denmark-based LEGO has come up with a new line of its traditional boy-oriented plastic building-block toy known as LEGO Friends. LEGO says the new look gives girls an opportunity to create, develop, redecorate and remodel. What’s more, it also includes new LEGO mini-dolls.

3) Gender-Neutral Dollhouses: Widely been regarded as a girl’s favourite, the conventional dollhouse is going to witness a makeover aimed at capturing the imaginations of boys. Toymaker Moolka has a model that trades pink finish for a brown wood, tailor made for boys.


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