Amazing places: Salvador and Ushuaia

Salvador, Brazil

The third-biggest city in Brazil, Salvador, is popularly known as “capital of happiness.” Known world over for its citywide outdoor parties, which culminate in the Carnivale in the spring, Salvador is a cultural jewel.

Divide your daylight hours between historic colonial city tours and trips to the turquoise blue waters surrounding city’s 50 miles of beaches. During night time, enjoy the popular local cuisine while watching a Capoeira performance, a combination of martial arts and dance.

Ushuaia, Argentina

The final port for ships headed to Antarctica, Ushuaia is the gateway to the world end. Famous for having the longest ski season in South America, it’s tailor made for snow bunnies as well as adventure-seekers interested in hiking on the Glacier El Martial, which creeps up to the city base. During summer, the vistas over the deep blue waters of the Beagle Channel, a shipping route is just magnificent to say the least

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